Outstanding Local Unit Achievement Recognition

The PTA Local Unit and Council Achievement Recognitions are designed to recognize councils and local units that work to promote the mission and vision of PTA.

PTA units in good standing that meet a specific award criteria are eligible to apply. Online application deadline is March 1.

Outstanding Local Unit Application

Good Standing: 20 points
PTA was represented at a NCPTA Leadership Training; 5 points
PTA was represented at council trainings (if applicable): 5 points
Held local unit trainings: 10 points
Budget included expenses for representation at NCPTA led training/conferences: 10 points
Unit was represented at NCPTA Annual Convention: 5 points
Elected parent representatives to the School Improvement Team: 10 points
Back to School Kit resources shared with officers and committee chairmen: 15 points
Conducted orientation for new officers and committee chairman: 10 points
Made proper transfer of records and other materials from past officers/committee chairmen to new officers/committee chairmen: 10 points
Utilized the services of NCPTA by using online services/website, webinar, phone, or mail: 5 points
Meet regularly with principal: 5 points

Attended at least one school board meeting; 15 points
Contacted an elected official on PTA positions and proposed legislation and/or budget: 20 points
Publicized and promoted the State PTA Legislative Priorities: 5 points
Publicized and promoted the National PTA Legislative Priorities: 5 points
Participated in Elected Officials Go to School Program: 10 points
Received and shared state and national legislative updates: 10 points
Participated in NCPTA advocacy webinars: 15 points
Attended NPTA Legislative Conference: 5 points

10% increase in membership over last year: 10 points
5% increase in membership over last year: 5 points
Developed a membership theme: 5 points
Reached out to under represented school families: 20 points
Applied for membership awards: 5 points
Earned Blue Key: 10 points
Earned Gold Key: 10 points
Made the Honor Roll: 10 points
Earned the Bronze Acorn: 10 points

Used PTA’s National Standards for Family School Partnerships in your school programs: 10 points
Provided training on the North Carolina Career and College Ready Standards: 10 points
Held a healthy lifestyles training or event: 5 points
Provided training on bullying prevention: 10 points
Provided training on youth risk prevention: 10 points
Held an activity or event for military families: 10 points
Held an activity for special education families: 10 points
Applied for State PTA grants: 5 points
Applied for National PTA grants: 5 points
Maintained an active volunteer program in the school: 20 points
Implemented one or more projects of the State and National PTA programs: 5 points
Presented NCPTA Distinguished Service Award: 5 points
Publicized and promoted participation (K-12) in the Reflections Program: 20 points
Offered parent education training: 10 points
Applied for any of the NCPTA Awards: 5 points

Supported professional development for educators: 15 points
Provided monthly teacher appreciation activities: 5 points
Met regularly with teacher representatives: 10 points
Participated in National Teacher Appreciation Week in May: 15 points
Sponsored event(s) that allowed educators and parents to interact: 20 points
Worked with teachers to provide tip sheets for effective parent-teacher conferences: 5 points
Shared PTA materials with teachers: 5 points

Published a PTA newsletter and/or website: 15 points
Provided materials for English as Second Language families: 15 points
Shared PTA information at a community event: 5 points
Shared information from NCPTA and/or National PTA with PTA members: 10 points
Shared information on health education with parents and students: 5 points

Total Points Possible — 525

Point Levels:
180-250 – Outstanding
251-499 – Distinguished
500+ – Superior