Membership Challenges


Announcing the Spring 2018
Membership Contest!

The local unit in good standing in each District that adds the most new members between February 16 and April 16 will receive two free registrations to the 2018 NCPTA Annual Convention in Wilmington, May 18-19!  Dues for the new members must be paid to and received by the State Office no later than Monday, April 16. #NCPTACon18

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2017-2018 Council Challenge

Participate in the Council Challenge and win money for your council!

$500 to the council that retains or has the highest percent increase in membership over the 2016-2017 membership year totals by April 15, 2018.

Reach out to every school and PTA unit!

“Sip & Chats”

Pour your favorite beverage and connect with members of the NCPTA Membership Team on the 5th of every month from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to share parent and community engagement tips as well as  to network with other leaders from across the state.

Who should join?

  • Membership Chairs
  • Membership Committee Members
  • VPs of Membership
  • And anyone interested in growing participation at their local PTA
Topics to include:
  • Best Practice Sharing
    Guest Speaker(s)
  • 10-minute training on Membership Topic
  • Question & Answer

How to participate?

  • Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
  • You can also dial in using your phone: 408-638-0968 or 646-876 9923 Meeting ID: 243 437 469
  • Sessions Will Be Recorded

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Membership Tips

General Membership Recruitment Tips

Tips & Ideas for Recruiting PTA Members

Start early …finish strong.
Recruiting members to help you advocate for students and staff should start as early as your first opportunity of contact and should be ongoing throughout the year.

Consider your resources and opportunities.
Using your resources wisely generally helps you to reach parents, students and staff and engage them in becoming a part of the PTA.

How to reach members?
Be where they are. Make use of social media, be present at planned school and PTA events, send emails, fliers, use signage, and be vocal. These are just a few ways to reach your audience. This key is not to limit the ways to reach everyone.

Why join PTA ? 
Know why it is important for people become members of your PTA and be able to share with them how the PTA has impacted the educational experience at your school and in your community. It always helps to have evidence of what the PTA has been successful at doing for the school.

Do not be afraid to ask!
If you are not afraid to ask you will be successful at growing the membership for your school. Most people are not members of the PTA because they simply have not been asked or given the needed information to why it is important to become apart of the largest and oldest advocacy association that supports children.

Here are five tips to recruit men…

  1. Use a sports theme and have a competition for most men members per class.
  2. Host Dads and Doughnuts and promote signups
  3. Be very specific in communication about the need for male involvement in PTA.
  4. Broadcast the stats of female vs male members and set an attainable percentage increase.
  5. Use the already active men to be ambassadors and solicit membership.