The NCPTA 2021/22  Food Pantry/PTA Community Garden Grants application is now open! 

The $2,000 grant funding is intended to support your PTA in creating an action plan to help meet the most pressing needs of your school community in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic-Food Insecurity. Your school PTA will be able to choose how to spend the funding, but we ask that you use the money to address one of the areas listed below to help as many families in and around the surrounding areas (they do not just have to be current PTA members).

  • Food Pantry
  • PTA Community Garden

Your local unit will create either a Food Pantry run by the local unit PTA and community partners or a Community Garden run by the PTA and community partners accessible by the community.

These $2,000 grants are available to support the rapid and ongoing response addressing both of the new and aggravated challenges across North Carolina communities are facing. This Grant will run for a period of three (3) months.

Over 70% of award monies must support the food insecurities in your community, with an emphasis on healthy and local foods. Eligible expenses can include: cold storage for food distribution, food purchasing related to pantry or garden expenses, and set up costs related to your pantry or garden.

The deadline to apply is August 2, 2021.

Who Can Apply:

  • Any Local Unit PTA In good standing.
  • Grants may be used to create or enhance already existing programs.

Final Reports:

  • A short final report detailing how the $2,000 were used and how this grant benefited your Local Unit PTA and your community will be required at the end of the grant period, as well as:
    • 5-10 pictures of your Food Pantry or PTA Community Garden
    • 1-1 minute video giving a tour of your Food Pantry or PTA Community Garden
    • A FB Live  (Can be on your PTA FB Page showing your Food Pantry or PTA Community Garden in action)
    • 1 Page Final Report (as detailed above) with detail of expenses spent
    • The potential to speak at the NCPTA 2022 Convention
    • (This is an ongoing program, the final report will demonstrate the implementation of your program in action.)


All PTA units will be required to be in Good Standing with NCPTA. Also, remember that  your Local PTA will need to sign the Grant Agreement. If you have any other questions, please contact, [email protected]

For more information and to apply, click here.


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