NCPTA Collects Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elementary

The North Carolina PTA will be collecting snowflakes and making a big delivery from North Carolina citizens to the Connecticut PTSA. We thank everyone who has inquired about ways to show support.

Consider setting up a creation station in your community to help the PTA family create a winter wonderland for children from Sandy Hook Elementary. Be creative and remember that every snowflake is unique. Read more about this project coordinated through the Connecticut PTSA.

We will accept delivery of snowflakes after the holidays from January 3-8, 2013.

Deliver or Mail Snowflakes to:
3501 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27612

Other Ways to Help
Organize a fundraiser or make a donation. National PTA continues to provide resources  and updates at

Thank you to all the parents, educators and community members who continue to reach out at this time. Sandy Hook Elementary will continue to need our ongoing support. NCPTA will remain in touch with National PTA and Connecticut PTSA, and we will provide you with updates and requests.