North Carolina PTA Members Share Thoughts About National PTA Legislative Conference

PTA members from North Carolina traveled to Washington D.C. in March for the PTA Legislative Conference. NCPTA caught up with a few volunteers along the way while visiting leaders on Capitol Hill, and they agreed to share photos and comments about their experience.

“It was a wonderful experience to be with other parents and volunteers advocating for children around the country.”
– Donald Dunn, NCPTA President-Elect, Lewisville

“The Legislative Conference was a big eye opener for me due to the fact that I was a newbie. I enjoyed meeting new PTA representatives from all over the U.S. and felt very honored to be able to advocate for education on Capitol Hill. It was a wonderful learning experience.”
– Susan Wallace, NCPTA Board Member, Smithfield

Susan Wallace (far left) and Donald Dunn (far right), board members of NCPTA, along with Kevin Weston, PTA member from Fayetteville and Domonique Tilman, a representative from Congressman Melvin Watt’s office.

“The week was amazing. It is always inspiring to be around so many passionate advocates, especially our NCPTA group.  They are so dedicated and knowledgeable; it is a pleasure to work with them.  The National PTA policy team is fabulous. They explained the issues and the priorities in a way that was understandable. We were given the tools to speak to our elected officials with confidence. I also came home ready to motivate all parents to stand up for public education. Senator Burr and Hagan were on my flight home, and I was able to spend some time talking one-on-one with Senator Hagan.” 
– Kelly Langston, NCPTA Board Treasurer, Greensboro