NCPTA to Present to Food Desert Zones Committee

Child health is one of NCPTA’s top legislative priorities. Yet some families continue to face challenges when access to healthy foods is limited or not fully utilized. NCPTA will address these concerns and also present on policies and activities that promote health and access to nutritious foods during the House of Representatives Committee on Food Desert Zones meeting on March 24 at 1 p.m.. If you are interested in listening to the audio broadcast of the Committee meeting on March 24, you can go to the North Carolina General Assembly’s audio link for Room 544.

NCPTA’s Legislative Priority on Health and Wellness
The education of children depends, to a great degree, on their overall health. Our public schools must help children learn the value of balanced nutrition, sensible exercise and good overall health. North Carolina PTA will support public policies at all levels of government and school programs that help to maintain the health and wellness of children.