North Carolina PTA Advocates for Higher Teacher Salaries

North Carolina PTA believes ensuring that North Carolina students are receiving a high quality education is impossible without simultaneously attracting some of the state’s best and brightest individuals to enter the teaching profession, stay in the classroom, and influence the learning experience in a positive way. Teacher salaries have been frozen in North Carolina since 2008 except for a 1.2 percent across-the-board increase in 2012.

On March 31, NCPTA Executive Director Debra Horton and Public School Forum of NC Executive Director Keith Poston presented on behalf of a K-12 Education Consortium of parents, teachers, and school administrators to the NC General Assembly’s Educator Effectiveness and Compensation Task Force. They asked the members of the Task Force to consider a teacher salary increase to reflect teachers’ differing levels of experience and to increase teachers’ salary to the level it would have been if teacher salaries had not been frozen in 2008.

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Consortium’s handout on teacher salary.
Consortium’s presentation to the legislative Task Force.