Cross Your PTA Year Finish Line on Time

It’s tax time, but April 15 is also the extended deadline for NCPTA Awards. There are a number of other important dates to keep in mind as you move closer to the finish line for your PTA year. Flag the dates below on your calendar so you don’t miss anything. Keep in mind that there is required tax-exempt organization filing for PTAs later in the year.

“There are a lot of fun things happening in the spring so we encourage leaders to add these tasks below to their checklist and knock them out early,” said Debra Horton, executive director of NCPTA. “We like to call it a 90-day countdown to July!”

As you approach the end of your successful PTA year, add these to your checklist:

*These can be submitted at close of your PTA year! Please review the Finance Tools in the NCPTA Member Library and contact us with questions.