Poe Center Brings Healthy Lessons to the Classroom

The Poe Center for Health Education has received grant funding to provide free nutrition and physical activity series to a limited number of Title I elementary schools in Wake County and some surrounding counties. This free programming can be delivered in the classroom.

Have questions or wish to schedule?
Contact Kate at k.mascho@poehealth.org or 1-866-402-4799 ext. 399 to find out if your school community can take advantage of this free opportunity.

Series Overview

Wholesome Routines
3rd-5th grade, 6 lessons, 45-60 minutes each lesson

Wholesome Routines provides six interactive nutrition and physical activity lessons per grade level. These lessons reinforce the same fundamental health topics from grade to grade but the curricula and activities are designed to meet the learning needs and NC Essential Standards of each specific grade. The goals of Wholesome Routines are to:

  • Promote healthy eating and physical activity among all participants
  • Educate participants on the importance of healthy choices
  • Teach behavior modification by setting realistic and measurable health goals

Growing Healthy Kids
2nd grade, 12 lessons, 60 minutes each lesson

Growing Healthy Kids is a research-based curriculum from Oregon State University. Students learn about gardening, health, and plant biology while creating a paper, garden mural to be displayed at your school. Growing Healthy Kids lessons are fun and include music, physical activity, and a snack each lesson. This program is easily adjustable to fit into your schedule and can be offered for special education classes or as an after school program. Program goals include:

  • Increase the students’ exposure to vegetables and fruits
  • Increase the students’ consumption of vegetables and fruits and model healthy food and lifestyle choices

Visit poehealth.org to learn more about the Poe Center.