NCPTA Advocacy Positions on Proposed Senate Budget

The State Senate voted to pass its proposed budget on May 31.  Attention now turns to the House of Representatives as its leaders develop its proposed State budget.  Here are some of the budget advocacy items that NCPTA is working on:

1.  NCPTA strongly advocates for increased teacher compensation to ensure that North Carolina teacher compensation is regionally competitive and that North Carolina attracts the best and brightest students to enter and stay in the teaching profession.  North Carolina ranks 47th in the United States in teacher compensation.  We can do better for our teachers and our children.

2.  NCPTA opposes the Senate budget’s proposed $233 million cut to teacher assistants.  Teacher assistants are not only needed in Kindergarten and first grade but also in second and third grades.  The proposed cuts would eliminate teacher assistant positions in second and third grades.

3.  NCPTA opposes the significant proposed cuts to driver education programs in North Carolina and opposes the $28.6 million cut from transportation services.

4.  NCPTA opposes proposed cuts to 70 school nurse positions.