NCPTA Announces 2015 – 2017 Slate of Nominees

The NCPTA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of Nominees for State Officers for the 2015 – 2017 term. The Nominating Committee will present the Slate of Nominees to delegates at the NCPTA Parent Education & Leadership Conference at the General Session on Saturday, April 18. The Conference will be held at the McKimmon Conference Center in Raleigh, NC.

President: Kelly Langston

Kelly Langston lives in Greensboro, North Carolina and has been actively volunteering to improve outcomes for all children for over twenty years. She has served in various PTA leadership roles for thirteen years. She has been an elected officer at the local, council and state levels, including a local unit and council president, a state president-elect, a local unit and state treasurer and a local unit and council vice president, while also serving on numerous committees. She has served over the years with various community non-profit organizations, advisory councils, school systems and state agencies to encourage and support collaboration.

Kelly continuously seeks to develop her skills through professional development opportunities, to better serve the children and families of North Carolina. She works hard to encourage and support other leaders throughout the state and she believes that all children deserve our best.

Kelly is currently employed as the State Coordinator with Action for Healthy Kids. She recently graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a master degree in public health. She is married to Rob Langston and they have four children attending public schools. Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and hiking.

President-Elect: Diana Bader

Diana Bader has been a passionate advocate for all children for over 25 years serving in a variety of PTA executive and leadership roles.

Currently, Diana serves on the executive committee of NCPTA where she has been a committed leader on its Board of Directors for almost twenty years. Diana has also served as an elected officer at the local, council and state levels including local unit president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, PTA council president and state secretary. She also continues to serve as an at-large member on the Wake County PTA Council Board of Directors.

During her tenure with NCPTA, Diana has served in many roles including bylaws committee chair and was instrumental in leading the creation and adoption of the uniform PTA bylaws for local units and councils.

Throughout her career, Diana has been an active volunteer on a wide range of committees and advisory councils including child, youth and teen safety and teen safe driving. Diana helped create a PTA and American Red Cross partnership and implemented its BAT program. She continues to serve as a Basic Aid Training instructor teaching basic-aid and life-saving skills to elementary school-aged children for more than 15 years.

Diana earned a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy with a concentration in neonatal and pediatric care from Northeastern University. Diana and her husband, Michael, have lived in Wake County for the past twenty years where they raised their three children.

Secretary: April Evans

April Evans has been a member of PTA for eight years serving on local, council, and state levels. She currently serves on the executive committee of NCPTA and as Guilford County Council of PTAs president. April is a member of the Curriculum Review Committee for Guilford Parent Academy, School Health Advisory Council, and Say Yes to Education planning committee.

April graduated from Greensboro College with a degree in Psychology and is currently a Director and Owner of adult developmental disabilities facilities in Guilford County. She is married to Michael Evans and they have five children in Guilford County schools.

April enjoys traveling, sports, and spending time with her family.