NCPTA Announces 2017-2019 Officer Slate

The NCPTA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of Officers for the 2017 – 19 term. The Nominating Committee will present the Slate to delegates at the NCPTA State Convention at General Session I on Saturday, May 20.

President: Virginia Jicha, Fayetteville

Virginia Jicha, Fayetteville, began her service to the NCPTA Board of Directors in July 2013. She currently serves as an at-large member of the board as well as chair of Leadership Committee, and a member of the Nominating and Executive Committees.

She received a Bachelor’s of Science from Appalachian State University in Communications Media in 1988 and a Masters in School Administration in 2016 from Fayetteville State University.

Virginia is a very passionate child advocate. When she became a mom, she discovered the wonder of seeing life through the eyes of the innocent. Virginia became active at the school level and joined PTA because PTA brings programs to schools and provides opportunities for all children.

She is passionate about children, animals, and those who lack the knowledge to help themselves. When asked what makes her happy, it is knowing that she has helped someone become a better version of themselves.

President-Elect: Vacant

Secretary: Pam Johnson, Wilmington

Pam has been an active PTA leader and passionate educational advocate for the past 14 years while serving PTA members and community on the county, district, state and national levels. She values the experience she has gained while working with various elected officials, local and state agencies, universities, non-profits, businesses, school administrators, educators, but most of all, she values the relationships and friendships made while working with “families and their youth” through family and community engagements and events.

She has served in several positions throughout her PTA journey but is most passionate about creating empowering opportunities for family and community involvement, as well as sharing much needed mental health resources and educational advocacy tools.

Pam Johnson is married to Don Johnson, and together they make their home on the coast of North Carolina in Wilmington.