2018 Workshop Descriptions


Saturday, May 19th – 9:00 a.m. to 10:10 a.m.
Workshop Session I

1. Fundraising Best Practices (PTA Programming & More Track)

Facilitator: Olivia Edwards, President, Lacy Elementary PTA, Raleigh

A thorough presentation of the best practices that the Lacy Elementary PTA uses to fundraise through various methods. I will give a description of all of our different types of fundraisers as well as how we get the kids and teachers excited about the events and how we promote the fundraiser to parents, grandparents and family friends.

2. School of Excellence: Mission Possible (PTA Programming & More Track)

Facilitator: Donald Barringer, NCPTA Board of Directors

School of Excellence is a great way for local PTAs to attract members who want to focus on and spearhead advocacy efforts on the most critical issues affecting our children. In this workshop, participants will discuss the impact of the School of Excellence program. Presenters will share their experiences and participants will learn how to engage in continuous school improvement, showcase your PTA’s efforts to improve family-school-community partnerships, and increase family and community engagement.

 3. MemberHub 2.0 (PTA Programming & More Track)

Facilitators: Will Bowen, Chief Revenue Officer and Matt Harrell, Chief Product Officer, MemberHub

Come hear about MemberHub 2.0 and how to improve fundraising at your school.

4. Inclusion and Impact: How to Engage All Families (Family Engagement Track)

Facilitator: Nore Walton, National PTA Service Representative

Does your PTA have difficulty engaging all families? This workshop will explore barriers to PTA engagement. Participants will hear about practices that have led to enhanced family engagement. Discover solutions that will work in your school, district or state. Participants will be better prepared to focus on programming relevant to all families so they may grow membership, volunteerism, and engagement.

5. ESSA:  A Conversation and Action Steps to Improve Educational Equity and Excellence (PTA Programming & More Track)

Facilitator: Martez Hill, Independent Strategy and Leadership Consultant

This session will explore various definitions of educational equity and excellence; discuss policies and actions that governments (federal, state, and local) are taking to improve educational equity and excellence; and strategies that parents and concerned citizens could employ to drive results, support public education, and hold public officials accountable.

 6. Network to Enhance Understanding of Special Education Policies and Procedures (Family Engagement Track)

Facilitator: Dr. Kristin Bell, Executive Director of Exceptional Children’s Department, Durham Public Schools

Navigating the special education policies and practices can be overwhelming. This session will explore special education policies and discuss best practices for PTAs to use to engage families of students with special needs.   Participants will have an opportunity to network with others who are passionate about advocating for the needs of students with disabilities and those who support and love them.

7. What Makes a School Safe

Facilitator: Dr. Janna Robertson, Professor, UNCW Watson College of Education

After the Parkland Florida tragedy, there are grassroots and policy movements to make sure our children are safe in schools. During this presentation the research and stories on what has worked well and what has not after Columbine and Sandy Hooks incidents. Metal detectors, police in school even teach students what to do in event of an active shooting may make us feel safer but may also have negative consequences for our children and schools. We will discuss the concerns that the audience has and focus on what would make sure schools are a safe place for us to send our children.

Saturday, May 19th 1:00 p.m. to 2:10 p.m.
Workshop Sessio
n II

8. Membership Recruitment Toolkit (PTA Programming & More Track)

Facilitator: Denise Sultz, National PTA Secretary-Treasurer

Growing membership is a goal of every PTA—yet many PTAs are struggling to do it. During this workshop, we will analyze WHY parents and teachers at your school decide to support PTA as a member and outline what you can do to remove barriers for joining. Together, we will discuss ideas for attracting and engaging all families and school staff in your PTA efforts. Finally, we’ll apply what we’ve learned and practice approaches for building a strong, committed, diverse PTA membership.

9. Engage Parents and Your Community Through Social Media (Family Engagement Track)

Facilitator: Hallie Kennedy, Project Manager, New Media Campaigns

Discussion of ways to stay engaged and involved with a broader community online in a positive way, beginning with a discussion of what your PTA’s goals for social will be and building a strategy from there.


10. National PTA STEM + Families Initiative (PTA Programming & More Track) 

Facilitator: Julie von Haefen, NCPTA Board of Directors

Have you implemented any STEM event/program? Do you desire to empower students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? If you said yes, then you want to hear more about the National PTA STEM + Families initiative. Participants in this workshop will hear valuable tips from PTAs who have already planned and hosted a Math Night or Science Festival. Presenters will walk participants through the free toolkit and other program materials available to support this program.

11. Inclusion and Impact: How to Engage All Families (repeat)

12. Understanding and Addressing Equity Issues in NC Schools (Family Engagement Track)

Facilitator: Dr. Kelvin Bullock, Executive Director for Equity Affairs, Durham Public Schools

What are some of the common ways that inequities manifest in North Carolina schools? What are some key equity data sets that parents and educators can monitor in their school or district? Come to this session to learn more about the common barriers that are faced by Black and Latino students across the state of North Carolina and ways of addressing those challenges.