A Note about Hurricane Florence

Dear PTA Members and Leaders,

Families, children, and schools across the state are feeling the impact of Hurricane Florence and will continue to feel the impacts for the coming weeks and months. Currently, days of relentless rains are resulting in catastrophic flooding in many river communities from the Piedmont through the Sandhills and coastal plains of North Carolina. North Carolina PTA’s mission is to ensure every child is able to achieve their potential and we are steadfast in our commitment to that mission.

North Carolina PTA understands the significant impact that hundreds of PTAs across the state are experiencing from Hurricane Florence and the subsequent flooding and we are here to help our local units assist their schools and families. National PTA established the National Disaster Relief Fund to help PTA communities when they are impacted by a natural disaster. The Disaster Relief Fund was established to respond to tragedies that grievously disrupt a school or education system. In the event of a disaster, state leaders and the National PTA will work together todisbursefunds to the areas of greatest need. North Carolina PTA encourages local PTA unitsto contact the state officeto apply for a PTA National Disaster Reliefgrant up to $500. The application must be submitted by the state office, and we only require a brief written statement of the supplies to be bought, or work to be done with the grant funds.

With at least 51 North Carolina counties profoundly impacted by wind damage, river and road flooding, surge flooding, and power outages, and 49 other counties impacted less significantly, almost every resident of North Carolina has been impacted by Hurricane Florence.Many of our communities and families are facing loss of property, homes, and business, thousands of families have evacuated their homes, and hundreds of schools are closed until students can safely return and learn. We hope that our units and leaders will reach out to our state office with their needs so that we can mobilize our members, leaders, and units across the state to support our children, schools, and communities that most need it. If your school and students have not been profoundly impacted by Hurricane Florence and you would like to support a school that has been, please contact the state office.

For more information about the National Disaster Relief Fund for PTAs, or to donate to the fund, visit: https://www.pta.org/home/run-your-pta/National-PTA-Resources.