NCPTA Approves Bylaws Amendments for Local Units and Councils

Due to the closing of North Carolina schools by the State Dept. of Education, many of you are wondering how to conduct essential business for your PTA. Please know that NCPTA is here for you. We will work together to help your unit continue to thrive. Some of you have already called or emailed questions: “How do we handle elections?”, “How do we continue to conduct business?” The information below will provide you guidance on these questions.

On April 20, 2020, the NCPTA Board of Directors unanimously approved amendments to the Local Unit and Council Uniform PTA Bylaws to address the international COVID-19 pandemic. The amendments clearly state ways for the membership to meet while circumstances such as a pandemic prevents your general membership from physically meeting.

The NCPTA Board of Directors has also developed a Virtual Meeting Policy to guide you through conducting meeting by electronic media and also guidelines for the elections of officers.

This information was sent out to all current officers and members with email address on file. If you are a current member and DID NOT receive this information, click on the links below to view.

Uniform Bylaws Amendments

Guidelines for the Election of Officers