Child Advocacy, Parent Involvement and Legislative Updates

Our goal is to serve our members by empowering them to be advocates for children. North Carolina PTA appreciates and respects the broad spectrum of our members and individual political views. These updates are intended to inform, and they will be nonpartisan and educational.

Latest Advocacy Updates

June 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • State Budget Highlights
  • HB149, Students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

May 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Senate Releases Budget Proposal
  • Keeping Kids Out of Adult Court
  • Gov. Cooper Signs HB 13, Class-Size Legislation

April 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • State Superintendent Mark Johnson to Visit NCPTA
  • Class Size Legislation
  • Education Bills on the Move
  • Preventing Youth Suicide

March 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • NCPTA Lobby Day
  • Governor Cooper’s Education Budget
  • Rural Education Advocacy Day

Februrary 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Class Size Legislation
  • NCPTA Lobby Day
  • School Calendar Flexibility
  • K-12 Finance Reform Task Force

January 2017 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Superintendent Johnson Briefs the State Board of Education
  • HB17 Lawsuit Update: Restraining Order Remains in Place

December 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Report on Education Legislation Now Available from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • ESSA Survey Results
  • In-District Advocacy Day

October 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • State Budget Provision Could Impact Funding for Teachers in the Arts, Health, Physical Education and World Languages
  • Fall Public Comment Sessions Scheduled
  • NC Child Resources on Latest Trends in Child-Related Data and Public Policy

September 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Public School Forum of North Carolina to Launch New Weekly TV Program Education Matters
  • WRAL Tool on School District Data
  • Northern Guilford High PTSA Hosts Successful Elected Officials Go to School Event
  • Update on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • House Select Committee on Education Strategy and Practices Hears Presentation on ESSA

August 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • PTAs and Election Season
  • WRAL Article on Achievement School Districts
  • National PTA Resources on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

July 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • 2016 Short Session Has Adjourned
  • Advocacy Day at the General Assembly

June 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • UPDATE ON ADVOCACY VISION: First in Southeast in Educator Compensationtion
  • Senate Passes Bill to Alter Math Classes
  • Budget Highlights

May 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • VISION: First in the Southeast in Educator Compensation
  • Proposed House Education Budget
  • Governor’s Proposed Budget
  • House Bill 539 – Charter School Funding Bill

April 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • NCPTA Advocacy Day on June 14
  • Update on Review Process for Academic Standards
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Public Comment  Sessions on North Carolina’s K-12 Education Plan for Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Achievement School District Bill to Be Considered in Short Session

March 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • North Carolina Education Policy ResourcesTown Hall Advocacy Webinar
  • Hall Advocacy Webinar

February 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • Busy Legislative Interim
  • Enrollment Drops Significantly at UNC Schools of Education
  • National PTA Provides Summary of Title 1 of the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • The Public School Forum of NC Top 10 Education Issues for 2016

January 2016 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  •  Academic Standards Review Commission Releases Report of Findings and Recommendations
  • Article on Newly Hired Teachers at Struggling Schools
  • Webinars to Prepare for the 2016 Legislative Conference
  • Bylaws Webinars to Prepare for 2016 National PTA Convention

December 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • The Talk it Out Challenge
  • National PTA’s Statement on the Passage of Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Webinar Series: 2016 Legislative Conference
  • Save the Date for the 2016 National PTA Legislative Conference

November 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • EdNC Shares Article on Benefits of PTAs
  • Has Your Advocacy Committee Considered Putting Together an Elected Officials Go to School Day?
  • National PTA Adopts Position on Student Data Privacy
  • Take Action! Reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act / No Child Left Behind

September 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • North Carolina General Assembly Approves Budget with Funding for Teacher Assistants and Driver’s Education
  • Expansion of Charter School Funding

August 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • General Assembly Sets New Deadline for Budget Approval
  • Wake County School Board Announces Suspension of Driver’s Education Program
  • National PTA’s Position Statement on School Choice
  • Talk it Out
  • STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities

May 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • House Budget Restores Funding for Driver Education
  • House Budget Increases Textbook Funding
  • 15-Point Scale for Performance Grades to Remain in Place for Another Year
  • Additional Education Budget Highlights

April 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • HB 919 Funding for Driver Education
  • HB 358 School Performance Grade Scale
  • Additional Bills We Are Monitoring
  • TALK it OUT
  • Public School Forum’s Education Bills to Watch
  • L.O.C.A.L.
  • Public Schools First NC

March 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • National PTA Legislative Conference
  • Position of the NCPTA Board of Directors on the New School Performance Grades
  • WAKE Up and Read
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Survey
  • Toxic Free Kids Bill
  • Public School Funding
  • National PTA Releases Public Policy Agenda
  • Bills to Watch

February 2015 NCPTA Advocacy Update

  • 2015 General Assembly Long Session is Here
  • School Performance Grades Released
  • Driver Education Funding
  • Textbook Funding
  • L.O.C.A.L
  • State Gearing up for Action on Standards and Tests
  • Transition to 10-Point Grading Scale
  • Governor McCrory Gives State of the State
  • EdNC
  • K-12 Advocacy Organizations Legislative Priorities



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