Tips for Writing Your Legislators

Organized, written thoughts can be very powerful and potentially more effective than a hasty phone call. Keep in mind that a well-written email is an efficient way to reach out, and it may even be preferred for many contacts. You can always follow up with a letter and reference your earlier email.

  • When writing state or national legislators, clearly identify the issue or bill that you wish to support or oppose. Confine your comments to one subject.
  • If writing or calling as the representative of an organization or coalition, make sure you have been authorized to do so. Otherwise, simply speak for yourself.
  • Always sign your name or give your name when calling. Include your address and telephone number.
  • Always keep a copy of your email or written correspondence.
  • Your legislators want to hear from you. It is also appropriate to call, email or address written correspondence to a chair of a committee that is addressing the issue.
  • Phone calls may be made directly to the legislator’s home or office. Aides are most receptive to callers and will accept messages. You may not always get to speak with the legislator; however, many will return your call or answer your letter when their schedules permit.
  • A spoken or written “thank you” for listening or considering is always appropriate whether they agree with you or not.


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