Savings for PTAs from NCPTA and Bloom!

NCPTA and Bloom have combined forces to offer $5 one year VIP Savings passes to North Carolina families! Bloom is a Wilmington-based company that offers valuable savings via app to families nationwide.

These savings include:

  • $5 off at Target
  • $100 travel voucher eligible for use at thousands of hotels
  • 20% off at Papa Johns for a full year

Your $5 purchase helps ensure we have the resources to address current emerging issues that affect the education, health and well-being of our children. With your purchase, NCPTA will continue to be effective in disseminating resources that help further our mission and support our children during these challenging times.

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PTAs Unite to Support Hurricane Florence Impacted Areas!

NCPTA is currently matching schools in need with schools that would like to support them.

  • If your PTA has been impacted by Hurricane Florence and would like to connect with a fellow PTA unit, please email the office at
  • If your PTA would like to help a fellow PTA unit whose school has been impacted by Hurricane Florence, please email the office at

PTAs impacted by the storm and seeking information on the National PTA Disaster Relief Grant, please contact the State PTA Office for details.

Additionally, FAST NC (Florence Aid to Students and Teachers of North Carolina) is an effort led by a bipartisan group of current and former North Carolina education leaders to help the state’s public schools as students and educators struggle to return to normal following Hurricane Florence and its impact. For more information and to donate, click here.

A Note about Hurricane Florence

Dear PTA Members and Leaders,

Families, children, and schools across the state are feeling the impact of Hurricane Florence and will continue to feel the impacts for the coming weeks and months. Currently, days of relentless rains are resulting in catastrophic flooding in many river communities from the Piedmont through the Sandhills and coastal plains of North Carolina. North Carolina PTA’s mission is to ensure every child is able to achieve their potential and we are steadfast in our commitment to that mission.

North Carolina PTA understands the significant impact that hundreds of PTAs across the state are experiencing from Hurricane Florence and the subsequent flooding and we are here to help our local units assist their schools and families. National PTA established the National Disaster Relief Fund to help PTA communities when they are impacted by a natural disaster. The Disaster Relief Fund was established to respond to tragedies that grievously disrupt a school or education system. In the event of a disaster, state leaders and the National PTA will work together todisbursefunds to the areas of greatest need. North Carolina PTA encourages local PTA unitsto contact the state officeto apply for a PTA National Disaster Reliefgrant up to $500. The application must be submitted by the state office, and we only require a brief written statement of the supplies to be bought, or work to be done with the grant funds.

With at least 51 North Carolina counties profoundly impacted by wind damage, river and road flooding, surge flooding, and power outages, and 49 other counties impacted less significantly, almost every resident of North Carolina has been impacted by Hurricane Florence.Many of our communities and families are facing loss of property, homes, and business, thousands of families have evacuated their homes, and hundreds of schools are closed until students can safely return and learn. We hope that our units and leaders will reach out to our state office with their needs so that we can mobilize our members, leaders, and units across the state to support our children, schools, and communities that most need it. If your school and students have not been profoundly impacted by Hurricane Florence and you would like to support a school that has been, please contact the state office.

For more information about the National Disaster Relief Fund for PTAs, or to donate to the fund, visit:

NCPTA Night with the Carolina Hurricanes – 11/17/18

Come cheer on the Carolina Hurricanes as they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday, November 27th at 7 pm. A portion of every ticket purchased through the link below will benefit NCPTA.

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Lifeline for Leaders Schedule

Lifeline for Leaders Webinar Series

Are you a PTA leader that needs to get oriented? Check out our popular and helpful Lifeline for Leader webinar series! Throughout the year, we’ll give you the information you need the most right when you need it!

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Back-to-School Kit is available now!

NCPTA’s Back-to-School Kit is available for leaders!

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NCPTA Adopts School Safety Resolution

School Safety Resolution

Whereas, The North Carolina Parent Teacher Association (NCPTA) believes that given PTA’s history of advocacy for the safety of children and youth, North Carolina PTA supports efforts to protect children and youth from violence at school; and

Whereas, With recent school shootings and incidents of violence, school safety and the security of our children and teachers is at the forefront of parent concerns; and

Whereas, There is a need to prevent the escalation of violence in North Carolina; and

Whereas, based on a survey of 116,000 members by North Carolina PTA, respondents expressed that they feel some of the lack of school safety is attributed to:

  • A need for mental health issues to be addressed
  • Bullying and schools being non-responsive to the reports of bullying

Whereas, North Carolina PTA Advocacy Chairs identified solutions they felt best addressed school safety concerns; and

Whereas, the bylaws of the National PTA and North Carolina PTA both state that a core purpose of PTA is to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.  In keeping with that mission, the North Carolina PTA encourages and supports initiatives at all levels of government to assure that every school system has sufficient funding to provide every child with an opportunity for a sound basic education.  That includes sufficient funding to protect children and youth from violence at school; therefore be it

Resolved, That North Carolina PTA requests that districts add school psychologists to the staff, who can appropriately provide expert observations and address emerging mental health issues, and serve as crisis counselors, which can help create safer schools and more positive learning environments; and be it

Resolved, That North Carolina PTA supports HB933, which allows Nationally Certified School Psychologists to be issued a license in North Carolina by the State Board of Education;

Resolved, That the State Board of Education adopt policies and guidelines that serve to protect students and the school community from violent behavior, and that such behavior not be tolerated in any form; and be it

Resolved, That the North Carolina General Assembly fully fund school nurses at the recommended national standard for the provision of school nursing services at one per school.

Approved by the Advocacy Committee 6/14/18

Approved by the Board of Director 6/27/18

Register for 2018 PTA Day at the General Assembly!

Don’t miss the opportunity to speak out for every child in North Carolina! PTA Day at the General Assembly is June 12, 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


9:00-10:00 am: Check-in and group meeting

  • Location: 109 E Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601 in Room 308

10:00–12:00 pm: Legislative visits

12:00–1:45 pm: Lunch on own

2:00–3:00 pm: Attend education-related committee meetings

3:00-4:00 pm: Reception and debrief

  • Location: 109 E Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27601 in Room 308

Pre-registration is closed.
Contact the State Office if you are interested in attending.


Congratulations to National PTA Reflections winners from North Carolina!

Congratulations to National PTA Reflections winners from North Carolina!

Two of the NCPTA winners received National Awards of Excellence, and five NCPTA winners received National Awards of Merit!
These national award recipients were chosen from hundreds of thousands of submissions. Students across the nation participated in the 2017-2018 program, themed Within Reach.

Here is the link to the page.

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