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Funds to Advance Rural Markets (FARMs) for School Meals is good for children, good for farmers, and good for local economies.

FARMs for School Meals can help ensure more students get what they need to succeed every day in NC schools – and we are working to make that happen for all NC children!

NCPTA has always been a strong voice in favor of supporting the education of the whole child by providing a supportive and nurturing environment for all children to thrive and excel. Research demonstrates that kids who eat healthy meals do better in school and school nutrition is viewed as an academic intervention which improves student performance. More than 1.1 million children participate in school meal programs in NC every day, so healthy, local, and adequately funded school meals are an important part of improving student performance.

Today, we know that only about 2% of funds spent on produce in North Carolina’s public schools is for produce grown in North Carolina. North Carolina’s agricultural sector is the state’s largest economic driver and largest employer, and yet many schools are not able to put local products on their menus because their budgets are very tight.

FARMs for School Meals will give schools what they need to buy more North Carolina-grown food for our kids and give schools flexibility to provide meals to students who are unable to pay. In receiving funds, schools will purchase North Carolina grown products, and that keeps money in North Carolina, feeds our kids local food, and supports North Carolina farmers.

For more details on the initiative, please visit the FARMs for Schools website or check out these resources:

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