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As a part of our grant work, we continue to advocate for issues around healthy meals and collaborative partnerships that support farm to school efforts.  Visit our Advocacy page to stay abreast of Legislative Priorities that relate to school nutrition, food insecurities, and access to healthy foods.  In an effort to re-shape our 2019 School Meal Challenge, and further engage families during the 2020 pandemic,  we created this digital project around a myriad of topics that will be enjoyable for both students, parents and educators.


Along with our collaborative community partner, POE Center for Health, we invited local students into the kitchen to demonstrate how to make 4 of the child-friendly recipes from the Culinary Meal Resource Guide. Special thanks to Creative Illusions Video Team, Steve and Kim Brame for producing this series.  Stay tuned to the weekly podcast for special guest interviews with the POE nutritionist and the Assistant Director of Nutrition Education.

A Day In The Kitchen at POE (4 Part Cooking Series)

Featured in this segment, is the Culinary Meal Resource Guide published by DPI Director, Dr. Harvey & the K-12 Culinary Institute. Special thanks to the POE Health Nutritionist, the parents of our student volunteers, Janice Johnston, Assistant Director and other DPI staff for their participation.

Part I: Berries & Cream Overnight Oats


Part II: Cinnamon Cranberry Granola

Stay tuned for Part III and IV with more

child-friendly breakfast recipes

Breakfast After The Bell
(3 part series)

You will gain insight on how to increase student participation in your schools breakfast program.  This 3 part series features former Principal Tabari Wallace, Special Advisor to the NC State Superintendent Office of Principal Engagement; Cindy S. Marion, Executive Director of Child Nutrition, Yadkin County Schools (retired); and Gretchen Wilson, SNS Director of Pitt County Schools.  Click here to learn more about the Breakfast After The Bell initiative

Part I: Fuel For Learning

Part II: Creating Your Plan

Part III: Executing Your Plan

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