In an effort to re-shape our 2019 School Meal Challenge, and further engage families during the 2020 pandemic,  we created this digital project around a myriad of topics that will be enjoyable for both students, parents and educators.


As a part of our 2018-2021 grant work, we continue to advocate for policy issues around school nutrition and supporting coalition partners in an effort to equip Local and State Officials with viable policy options to improve school food.

Families are in need of healthier choices for their children at breakfast, lunch and after school.  As you enjoy this 18 video series, please identify ways you can participate in our Statewide call to action.

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Visit the NCPTA Advocacy page  to view our Legislative Priorities

Poe Center 30 Years

Along with our collaborative community partner, POE Center for Health, we invited local students into the kitchen to demonstrate child-friendly recipes from the Culinary Meal Resource Guide. Special thanks to Creative Illusions Video Team, Steve and Kim Brame for producing this series.  Stay tuned to in November and December for special guest interviews with the POE nutritionist, their dental program, and the Assistant Director of Nutrition Education.

A Day In The Kitchen at POE Nutritional Series

Featured in this segment, is the Culinary Meal Resource Guide published by DPI Director, Dr. Harvey & the K-12 Culinary Institute. Special thanks to the POE Health Nutritionist, the parents of our student volunteers, Janice Johnston, Assistant Director and other DPI staff for their participation.

Berries & Cream Overnight Oats

Cinnamon Cranberry Granola

Blueberry Crisp

Crunchy Baked Sweet Potato

Peanut and Butter Jelly Parfait

Advocating for Policy Improvements: Support Your Schools Breakfast Program

Breakfast After The Bell: (3 part series)

You will gain insight on how to increase student participation in your schools breakfast program.  This 3 part series features former Principal Tabari Wallace, Special Advisor to the NC State Superintendent Office of Principal Engagement; Cindy S. Marion, Executive Director of Child Nutrition, Yadkin County Schools (retired); and Gretchen Wilson, SNS Director of Pitt County Schools.  Click here to learn more about the Breakfast After The Bell initiative

Part I: Fuel For Learning

Part II: Creating Your Plan

Part III: Executing Your Plan

Advocating for Healthy Meals with A Local Pantry

How to Start a Food Pantry

School Nutrition is Sports Nutrition: A Spotlight on Athletes

This series features two Athletic Nutritionist from UNC-Chapel Hill. In these podcasts you will understand the role of nutrition and wellness decisions that carry forward from school cafeteria to college athletics. If you are the parent of an athlete, take notes during this series.  You will hear about the need to balance proper sugar, grains and carbohydrate intake that make for a well-rounded player; on the field and off-season. As you listen, we encourage you to share these videos with  your family and friends. NCPTA encourages you to become an advocate for school nutrition and speak up for improving upon the food choices in schools.

Sports Nutrition: Part 1 of 2 – Football

Part 2 of 2: Basketball and Soccer

Dental Day At the POE Center: Re-Think Your Drink

Gather the children around for this informative lesson on how sugary drinks impact tooth health with Alaina Hart, MPH, CHES is the Assistant Director at POE Center. This podcast is a short and sweet, fact-finding journey that compares sugar content in common drinks of choice.  After watching this video, you will have an easy recipe, and healthier option with the fizzy drink mixture that Alaina shares.  Be sure to visit the POE Center for a Dental Day and explore all the other programs available for your children, or youth group.

Fun with Kale 

Join NCPTA and the Poe Center for another recipe segment featuring Kale! Just a few reasons we love kale is that it is grown locally, as well as easy to grow at home, it’s super nutritious, packs lots of fiber, vitamin c and calcium. Watch and learn how to make these 3 delicious, nutritious, and fun recipes Green Tropical Smoothie, Kale and Hummus Veggie Wrap, and Kale Chips. It’s the perfect family dinner combination.

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