Thousands of volunteers in North Carolina lead PTAs which are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. PTA Officers are ambassadors in their community. They build bridges between schools and homes, and they lead the way to improve and create learning opportunities for children.

Welcome Leaders!

We are grateful for your willingness to be an NCPTA leader. The hard work of all our NCPTA leaders, members and advocates makes a big difference in the lives of more than 697,000 students in North Carolina.

With your leadership, a strong PTA team can accomplish amazing things!

The power of parents and teachers working together in the school community can be tremendous. Each new member brings new perspectives and talents to your team. By growing your membership, you can increase your impact and truly teach others the value of parent involvement and PTAs in your school community. Multiply the power of your passion for helping kids by building a strong team early in the school year.

Leadership Tools for Officers

NCPTA Back-to-School Kit

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