What is Givebacks?

Givebacks is an online tool designed to help you run your PTA, and NCPTA provides a FREE site to all active local units and councils in good standing! Givebacks makes it easier to run the PTA — engage your families, raise funds, and stay in good standing.

Local units use Givebacks to:

  • Accept online membership payments (create your own custom and bundled memberships)
  • Update the name and email address of PTA officers
  • Enter name and email for members that do not join online through the Givebacks site.
  • Send email directly to PTA members and your school families and staff
  • Confirm annual Financial Review has been completed and results reported to your PTA’s Board of Directors
  • Enter the filing date of annual IRS Form 990
  • Download membership cards
  • Sell spirit wear, collect donations, conduct fundraisers, and more through the PTA store
  • Create school directories
  • Manage Event, volunteer, and donation signups

And more!

Givebacks How-to’s & Resources

Entering Officer and Board of Directors’ Contact Information

In July of each new membership year, your PTA should enter/update the contact information for your incoming officers and Board of Directors. This not only helps to keep your PTA in good standing, but it also ensures your new officers, board members and committee chairs receive important communication, training and event opportunities and helpful resources. Even if it is your second term, you will need to update the contact information for officers and members of your board of directors for the new school year.

ALL PTAs are required to submit contact information for all officers, committee chairs/board members and THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL.

NOTE: You can update officer information through-out the school year if you fill a vacancy or need to change an email address. However, after June 30, past year officer information cannot be updated or removed. This is to create a historical “trail” for your PTA.

Admin Access-
You Will Need to Give Your Officers ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS.

Who Should Have Admin Rights?
Officers and members of your Board of Directors/Committee Chairs.

How to Add or Remove Administrators?
Site admins can manage members and contacts, site settings and access, hubs, state payments & reporting, and the e-store.

Remitting Dues Electronically to the State PTA Office

How to Pay Your State and National Dues Online
In order to pay your State and National dues with an ACH/e-check through your Givebacks site, members must first be entered in Givebacks (see below for instructions).

Remember to activate the Stripe account for your PTA to accept online payments through your Givebacks Store.

Submitting Financial Confirmations

How to Submit the Financial Review Confirmation

How to Submit the Form 990 Confirmation

Entering Members to Givebacks

Note: the easiest way for members to be added to your PTA’s Givebacks site is by setting up your Givebacks Online Store so PTA members are automatically added to your Givebacks site and sent a receipt, which includes a link to their membership card and instructions to log in and update their profile.

Membership Cards

Givebacks Help Resources:

Givebacks Login Page

Click here to sign into Givebacks.

First time logging into Givebacks? 

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. Choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password” and enter your first and last name.
  3. Check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email. Choose a password.
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