Recognize and thank that special person you know who goes above and beyond for all children with the NCPTA Distinguished Service Award – the highest honor the State PTA can bestow.


Pay online or download form and mail a check to the NCPTA State Office. The fee is $75.

There are worthy people in every school and community. They may be:

  • A PTA leader or member, past or present
  • A school or school system administrator
  • An outstanding teacher or support person
  • A dedicated school volunteer
  • A school crossing guard
  • A local community leader who has become involved in programs which promote the well-being of children and youth
  • A member of the media who champions programs/projects which benefit the children
  • Other special advocates for children and youth

Any parent-teacher division, (local or council) or an individual PTA member may honor individuals in this special way. The recipient need not be a member of a PTA.

The presentation of a NCPTA Distinguished Service Award is a special occasion. It may be presented at any time during the year at a special program/event or PTA meeting or school board meeting or any other appropriate program.

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