Message from Ashley Perkinson, NCPTA Lobbyist

Legislators are home from the General Assembly long session, so now is a great time to invite legislators to visit your PTA school and participate in the North Carolina PTA Elected Officials Go to School program. This program gives legislators the opportunity to gain the experience of daily routine at your school.

Participating in this program will enlighten elected officials of your school’s needs and help them better understand the conditions in your school. It is important that elected officials see the total spectrum of your school.

NCPTA believes the survival of effective public education in North Carolina is dependent upon adequate laws and resources that will provide quality education throughout our state. The Elected Officials Go to School experience should enhance elected officials’ awareness and support as they make decisions regarding public education in North Carolina.

If you are interested in putting together an Elected Officials Go to School experience at your school, please contact the NCPTA office for more detailed information on how to get started.

Access the Online Guide.

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