Northwoods Elementary PTA in Cary received some wonderful praise from members of the community for their Bike to School Day success. The event brought out 75 children plus parents! NCPTA received a copy of a note of thanks from a parent who wanted to commend the organizers for the opportunity to exercise and to meet other parents. She credits the event for getting her daughter to ride her bike and opening the door for riding bikes together in the future.

When you read about this one family’s experience in the below note of appreciation, we encourage you to think about that experience multiplied across the state and nation by PTAs who helped organize Bike to School events!

This is the first year that we have participated in bike to school day. I wanted to commend the organizers of this event for this wonderful opportunity to exercise and meet other parents in the Northwoods community. My daughter is a first grader and she has resisted riding her bike for as long as I have been introducing the idea. But because it was her teachers and classmates that were excited about this event, she insisted that we participate. And I’m so glad we did because at the end of the bike ride, when we got to school, she exclaimed that this was more fun than she had expected it to be, opening the door for us riding bikes in the future! The length of the ride was perfect for a first grader just learning how to ride her bike, and we even saw a bunny that crossed our path, which made it even more exciting. The fact that my daughter saw some of her classmates during the bike ride made us feel a part of a community that not only learns together but also stays healthy together. It is this kind of healthy challenge and positive reinforcement that is crucial for developing healthy children in mind and body. So thank you again for getting everyone on board and organizing such a wonderful event, for encouraging the children to participate, and for giving us parents the opportunity to share this activity with our children.

PTA Parent
Northwoods Elementary, Cary, NC

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