Safe Child Funny Tummy FeelingsApril is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and NCPTA wants to make sure PTA members and families know about the resources provided by SAFEchild.

A big high five goes to all Wake County parents and educators who have helped SAFEchild provide the Funny Tummy Feelings program in schools. SAFEchild empowers more than 6,500 students every year with this interactive program that teaches children skills to protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse. Funny Tummy Feelings also informs children how to make appropriate decisions in a variety of situations.

If Funny Tummy Feelings is not available in your area, SAFEchild provides helpful content and messages that parents can read aloud with their children.

This program, which is available at no charge for schools and other organizations in Wake County, is sustained by donations and volunteer support. PTA members who are interested in bringing Funny Tummy Feelings programs to their school should inquire with the guidance counselor and reach out to Pilar Jennings, SAFEchild’s Funny Tummy Feelings coordinator, for additional information.

Learn more about Funny Tummy Feelings in this NBC-17 news video.

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