Congratulations to 2020-2021 National PTA Reflections winners from North Carolina!

We are so proud to announce that ten NCPTA State Reflections winners have placed at the National PTA level of Reflections. Five NCPTA winners have received the National Awards of Excellence, and five have received National Awards of Merit. These national award recipients were chosen from nearly 900 submissions, 223 students representing 38 states for national-level recognition. For a complete list of awards and prizes, please visit the National PTA Reflections awards page.


Awards of Excellence

Katarina Lucia Rosario-Soto
“My Life Matters”
Intermediate – Dance Choreography- Award of Excellence
McDougle Elementary School, Chapel Hill

Annabelle Pate
“I Matter because I’m me!”
Primary – Photography-Award of Excellence
Douglas Creative Arts-Sci. Magnet, Raleigh

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Sai K Pranavan
“Music Composition”
Special Artist – Music Composition-Award of Excellence
Morrisville Year Rd. Elementary, Morrisville

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Ritvik Shivakumar
“Helpful Trees”
Intermediate – Film Production-Award of Excellence
Barringer Academic Center, Charlotte

Jacob Cerveny
“I Matter”
Special Artist – Film Production-Award of Excellence
Douglas Creative Arts-Sci. Magnet, Raleigh

Awards of Merit

Emily Johnston
Middle – Visual Arts- Award of Merit
Holly Ridge Middle School, Holly Springs

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Scott McFarland
“Superbiae Martii” (March of Pride)
Middle – Music Composition-Award of Merit
Myrtle Grove Middle School, Wilmington

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Chloe Viviers
“I Matter Because My Roots Run Deep”
High – Visual Arts- Award of Merit
Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill

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Anna Zwigard
“Speak My Mind”
High – Dance Choreography- Award of Merit
R.J. Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem

Malavika Thayil
“Dance- My Passion”
Special Artist – Dance Choreography-Award of Merit
Carmel Middle School, Charlotte






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