Congratulation to Barringer Elementary School PTA! As part of its longstanding commitment to quality arts education, National PTA is pleased to award three schools and local PTAs from across the country with its 2015 Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant. The grant is designed to empower schools and PTAs with resources to establish or enhance arts programs in the areas of visual arts, photography, music, dance, literature and theater.

The 2015 Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant recipients are:

Barringer Elementary School PTA (Charlotte, N.C.)
Barringer Elementary School PTA will implement a school-wide, multi-disciplinary project to install a clay wall created by students. Barringer Elementary School PTA will partner with Clayworks, a local organization, to provide seminars for the school’s art teacher and fourth and fifth grade students who will help instruct younger students. Students also will have the opportunity to work via Skype with artist Jun Kaneko, who creates ceramic murals and free-standing sculptures. Once installed, a community-wide reception will be held to showcase the clay wall and students’ work.

Eastwood Elementary School PTA (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Eastwood Elementary School PTA will continue to expand its Art Start program through which parent volunteers teach students about artists and art techniques on a monthly basis throughout the school year. The volunteers also conduct afterschool workshops for students. Community partners offer additional incentives and rewards to participants.

Ludlam Elementary School (South Miami, Fla.)
Ludlam Elementary School will use the grant to launch a “Trash to Treasure: Art Sustains Us” program through which students will refashion seemingly useless materials into art projects. The program will feature recycling drives to collect materials as well as field trips to locations in the community. Students also will have the opportunity to participate in workshops that will incorporate visual arts, music, dance and literature to address the issue of sustainability. The workshops will be led by community partners, drama and arts clubs from local high schools, and arts and music department representatives from area universities.

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