North Carolina General Assembly
You can easily find out who your state senator or state representative is by going to the General Assembly’s website at If you go to the Who Represents Me? section, you can search by district, county or zip code.

Once you determine who represents you, his or her related link will include contact information, occupation, committee assignments, and introduced bills.

The “Citizen Guide” page on the General Assembly’s website also has a link for “How an Idea Becomes Law.” This link provides basic information regarding the process a bill goes through before becoming a law.

How to Check a Bill Status
To review a bill or check on its status in the legislative process, visit the General Assembly website and click on the Legislation/Bills link.

United States Senators and Representatives
The websites for the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives contain helpful information. To find the name of your Representative or Senators, go to and and use the available search tools.

If you wish to review a federal law or bill, search for “Bills & Reports” in the Legislative Activity section of and search in the Legislation and Records section of

Other Useful Links

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