Social and Emotional Climate

What is it?
Social and Emotional School Climate refers to the psychosocial aspects of students’ educational experience that influence their social and emotional development. The social and emotional climate of a school can impact student engagement in school activities; relationships with other students, staff, family, and community; and academic performance. A positive social and emotional school climate is conducive to effective teaching and learning. Such climates promote health, growth, and development by providing a safe and supportive learning environment.

Ideas for Your PTA

  • Explore what programs are being used in your school and by neighboring schools and PTAs.
  • Support character education programs and programs like PBIS.
  • Contact your student support services to see what presentations and resources they available.
  • Create a culture of inclusivity and kindness in your PTA: be grateful for volunteers and new ideas and be welcoming to everyone.
  • Utilize Connect for Respect from National PTA.
  • Use Every Child in Focus tools to create deeper relationships in your school community.
  • Advocate for implementation of the family-school partnership standards in your school.
School children giving each other high five


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